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Multi-level Dropdown with Tailwind CSS / Alpine.js


Multi-level Dropdown

Before we start, you should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You should also have Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js installed in your project.


Getting Started

Install Tailwind CSS

Install Alpine.js


To create our multi-level dropdown menu, we will start by setting up the HTML structure. We will use the x-data directive to create a reactive data object that we will use to control the visibility of our dropdown menu.

<div x-data="{ show: false, menu: false }">
    <button class="text-sm text-white bg-blue-800 px-4 py-2 border-0 rounded-md outline-none hover:bg-blue-900"
        x-on:click="show = ! show">Open Dropdown</button>
    <div class="relative">
        <div class="bg-gray-800 rounded-md p-3 min-w-[220px] top-1 w-full absolute z-10" x-show="show"
            @click.away="show = false" x-transition:enter="transition ease-out duration-100"
            x-transition:enter-start="transform opacity-0 scale-95">
                class="[&>li]:text-white [&>li]:text-sm [&>li]:cursor-pointer [&>li]:px-2 [&>li]:py-1 [&>li]:rounded-md [&>li]:transition-all hover:[&>li]:bg-gray-600 active:[&>li]:bg-gray-700 active:[&>li]:scale-[0.99]">
                <li class="flex items-center justify-between" 
                    x-on:click="menu = ! menu" 
                    @click.away="menu = false"
                    <i class="arrow"></i>
                <div class="bg-gray-800 rounded-md max-w-[180px] w-full p-3 absolute -right-[185px] -bottom-4 [&>li]:text-white [&>li]:text-sm [&>li]:cursor-pointer [&>li]:px-2 [&>li]:py-1 [&>li]:rounded-md [&>li]:transition-all hover:[&>li]:bg-gray-600 active:[&>li]:bg-gray-700 active:[&>li]:scale-[0.99]"
                    x-show="menu" x-transition:enter="transition ease-out duration-100"
                    x-transition:enter-start="transform opacity-0 scale-95">
                    <li>List Item #1</li>
                    <li>List Item #2</li>
                    <li>List Item #3</li>
                <div class="w-full border border-gray-700 my-1"></div>

I created arrow with CSS

.arrow {
    border: solid white;
    border-width: 0 2px 2px 0;
    display: inline-block;
    padding: 3px;
    transform: rotate(-45deg);
    -webkit-transform: rotate(-45deg);

You can access the full code: Multi-level Dropdown

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